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Have you ever been frustrated by the number 280? Have you ever wished you didn’t have to retype your brilliant message? If you’ve been affected by either of these things, you’ve been tweeting.

When I joined Twitter, I lamented the tiny word count and inability to edit, but after five years I can now say Twitter is the reason I finished my short story collection, and I’m nearly done with my dystopian sci-fi novelette.

You see, I didn’t learn to write succinctly until I started tweeting. I’d ramble…

Spoiler alert: There’s a bonus writing tip. Yes, it is “don’t use spoiler alerts.”

A story about adultery to teach you some grammar guidelines.

1. Put Periods and Commas Within Quotation Marks

According to her, she’s “single,” so she’s going to a meeting with a guy “friend.

2. Use Single Quotations When Quoting Inside Other Dialogue

A quote within a quote is called a nested quote. The punctuation for nested quotes can get tricky.

“She said she wants to ‘fish in other waters.’

In the UK, these guidelines are reversed. Single quotations for regular dialogue. Double quotations for nested quotes.

‘She insisted that she will “fish in all waters.”

3. Remove “That”

Most can be cut. Search them out and…

And how to bring it to life

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So your character has an empty bucket for a personality.

First, great job noticing this. Second, there are tons of ways to fix this issue, but knowing the signs your character has no personality is an awesome place to start. So, here are five of those symptoms and possible ways to fix them:

1. Your Character Observes Their World but Doesn’t React to It

In real life, shit bothers us. Whether it’s that fly that will not die or that trauma with the birthday candles when we were six. Stuff sticks with us, shaping who we have become and who we will become. …

Image of Unscripted Echoes cover page. Diverse people pictured.

Who We Are

Unscripted Echoes discusses all social justice topics. Freely, openly, honestly, and without hate. Equality and humanity must be a reality for everyone.

What We Are About

Honestly telling the unjust stories of yesterday and today — to create just stories tomorrow.


Thank you for reading our content. We appreciate your time, comments, and commitment to bettering our world.


Feel free to submit your life experiences, thoughts, and solutions for social change. All love. No hate. Honesty encouraged.

Tags include:

  • unscripted honesty: Honest Conversations
  • unscripted social justice: Social Justice
  • unscripted activism: Activism and Progress
  • unscripted representation: Media Representation
  • unscripted business: Business and Finance
  • unscripted education…

Too many books, not enough time? Excellent.

Books are life for many of us. We read them. Write them. Anticipate them. Love them.

So, with that said, here’s a list of 12 books that you’ll want to take a gander at in 2022.

And help you move forward into your power

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No one else can do it for you. No one else can give you happiness, joy, and contentment. You have to give it to yourself. You hold the gift. You are the only one who holds the gift of your freedom and your happiness.

While you can’t bottle happiness — because it’s not meant to stay — you can decide to give yourself the gift of happiness, joy, and contentment, and you can have it.

Don't look to someone else to give you joy or happiness. Only yourself. Someone else can never…

A short reflection of wanderlust

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We are all dying. Each second that passes, we are given the gift of one more to live, and the gift of one less to live. And that is the ultimate present. What is life without an end? What would we cherish if we could have everything? Do everything? See everything?

Become every version of ourselves?

Not much, because we would have no need to make a choice. Any choices.

We are living and dying at the same rate, but living is not existing. Like death, existing is inevitable. As long as you are not…

Thanks so much, Juan! I'll definitely use the flexbox centering, help cursor, smooth scrolling, and --brand-bg-color for my website. I've been struggling to center my name/menu on different screen sizes and add a dropdown section. Lol!

After users hover over the dropdown section (and see the editing tips), the page jumps down when they scroll past it.

Thanks a ton! :)

These tips are awesome.

About productive efficiency — and how this could help you

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I learned how to be productively efficient in a stressful, exciting crash course of my choosing. And I’d do that sh*t again with no hesitation. So, what did I choose, when, and why? To move. In 2016, I moved from Michigan to Seattle. 2,310 miles away. With no family. No job. No housing. I had recently graduated, had $3,000 saved up, had researched for a year, and had never taken a train before. It was about $350 one-way. No need to state the obvious, but I’ll do it anyway: I…

Whether you’re in bed, on the road, or taking a break from work — a podcast keeps the developer in you alive

Lighted sign: You are what you listen to
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There are tons of ways to learn more about web development: articles, YouTube videos, books, mentors, and more. These methods are all awesome, but when you don’t want to open your eyes, turn the pages, or go to coffee shop meetings, podcasts are the “places to be” so you can stay up-to-date without having to do anything.

Whether you’re lying in bed, on your commute to work, or daydreaming at work (we all do it; it’s OK), podcasts are available whenever you need them.

There are many podcasts available for web devs like yourself, but here are nine that stand…

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