I'm a lovable weirdo who professionally edits books, blogs, and websites. I also enjoy:

- writing dystopian sci-fi stories about love and loss

- creating comedy skits on YouTube

- making video games—but not playing them

- eating Bran Flakes. It is the best cereal ever

- reading sci-fi. Books are multidimensional portals made of words

Improvement is life. Welcome to my weird world!

My name used to be Ashleigh Bonner, but I’ve finally changed it to Deon Ashleigh to reflect who I really am.

I’m keeping my given first name because my mom gave it to me with love, but “Deon” aligns with my 98% masculine soul.

I’ve been scared to say “Deon” aloud for 23 years. Scared to embrace my masculine core. No more. Cutting my hair, changing my clothes, choosing my name, cracking jokes, and always eating Bran Flakes.


I'm a wild human on every day but Saturday. On Saturday, I turn into a fleshy, warm rock. Learning is my drug and making mistakes is my fault.

I write on Medium to help you BE YOURSELF and LIVE FREE. There's too much life to be lived to not live it.

My sci-fi debut novel, The Price of a Beating Heart, is coming out in 2023! Add it to your "want to read" list on Goodreads if you want to read.

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Deon Ashleigh

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